Energy Audits

An Energy Audit is carried out to determine how energy is being used and where it is being wasted.


We carry out Energy Audits to provide our clients with a platform to work from to reduce capital expenditure and improve operational efficiency.


We evaluate all the energy being used in the building, with this information we can then recommend an energy efficient and cost saving solution. There are so many businesses throwing money away on energy bills where there is so much potential to save.


This solution will have to take into account the investment cost and payback period for the client.

What does an Energy Audit involve?

We will need to request copies of the businesses invoices for electricity, water, heating oil or gas to determine energy usage patterns preferably for the last two years to give us the best indication of where energy is been used and wasted.


A thorough observation will follow inspecting every room in the building where we will put together a list of everything in that room that consumes energy.  For example lighting, heating, cooling, IT equipment etc.

Some common questions we would be asking at this point are:


  • How often is this room used every day?
  • How long are the lights turned on for in that day?
  • Are the computers programmed to hibernate?


All this information helps us identify and deliver energy efficient solutions so that our clients can massively reduce their energy bills and take a step towards becoming more energy efficient environmentally friendly going forward.


The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) mandates large organisations to complete energy audits every four years.  This requirement was transposed into Irish legislation in SI 426 of 2014.

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