We are chartered quantity surveyors working on two very large housing developments with M&C Hybrid. Their involvement, knowledge and understanding of traditional and new energy sources in easily the best we’ve ever dealt with. Clear, concise customer focused advice, impressive and WISE modifications to generic specification to offer value engineering that informs savings, with no change in performance. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Couldn’t recommend M&C Hybrid more.



Finbarr Dunwoody,

FJD Surveyors

renewable energy for county council

I got Solar PV done on my home and have to say fantastic customer service, prompt delivery , excellent installation and back up . I would have no problem recommending MC hybrid 10/10


Ian Smith,


Retrofit Solar PV system

We worked with M&C Hybrid Energy this year to improve our energy efficiency. Our main aim was to become more sustainable, reduce energy usage, save on bills, and cut back on fossil fuels. We worked with Micheal to see what we could do and he suggested 40 solar panels with battery storage for excess electricity generated. Micheal and his team installed the 11kw of Solar PV and also installed a monitoring system where we can see daily what electricity the panels have generated that day, that week and that month. This is a great tool to assess how much we are saving, and what that amounts to in decreasing bills. We received a 30% grant from SEAI grant for the energy upgrades. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. We should save approx €1500 a year in electricity, and 557kg of carbon emissions per month which is the stand out figure for us.


Gerry Sheridan,

Ice Cream Treats Founder


Solar PV Cavan

They installed Solar Thermal tubes in the main building, the lodges and the laundry room. 6kw of Solar PV was also installed on the roof of the recreational building. LED lighting replaced the lights in the main building, which has halved our lighting bills. We are a very busy centre often working 7 days day and night, and with the solar thermal we’ve saved just over half on the hot water needs, and around €800 annually on electricity bills from the solar panels. This centre is running 42 years and we are an important resource, we need to ensure our users are warm and safe. We couldn’t thank Micheal and team enough for all their help with this, and the continual support ever since.


Pat & Teresa, 

The Cavan Centre


Community Retrofit

The solar installation certainly works well. We notice some excess energy going to the immersion on bright winter days such as today. Also, we did buy one of the iBoost Buddy gadgets and have it placed in the kitchen, because it continuously shows what energy consumption we are using (and where excess is heating water) at a glance, we’ve become much more conscious about what we are using, and what’s switched on what should be off, which will all contribute to lower bills.

We are so pleased with the energy savings that we are getting our parents home done in 2021, so they can have a more energy efficient house, lower bills and better savings.


John Elliott, 

Co Cavan

Domestic Solar PV

Seamus and Suzanne received a full project consultation from us on their new extension.

We supplied underfloor heating, an air source heat pump. solar panels and mechanical heat recovery ventilation to this home to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Watch their video testimonial  on our YouTube channel here 


Seamus and Suzanne, 

Co Cavan

I asked M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to come and visit my new site for advice on the type of heating system to install and on energy saving tips.  With M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd sound advice I decided to install a condensing gas boiler with radiators and a 3kw PV Panel system.  Thank you Micheal and M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd for all their help and advice.


Louise Kiernan

Aughadreena, Co. Cavan

We heard about M&C from a few people in Cavan who worked with them before. Micheal came out and looked at the house and told us for our budget and needs, he would advise on solar panels. We had done some research ourselves, and wanted something to lower the bills, and give us hot water, and to try do our bit for the planet too. Throughout the whole process from survey to getting the work done, we felt very safe with all their Covid procedures, and they had it done in a day. Micheal, Carmel and the lads were a pleasure to deal with. Micheal showed us what to do, how it all worked, and what we would be saving. They also helped us get a grant. It was all very easy and straightforward, I would recommend them to anyone. They really know their stuff.



Mollie Brady

Co. Cavan

Retrofit Solar PV

M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd supplied and installed a 3kw Solar Panel system in my house in July.  I can see reductions in my electricity bills already and we have amply amount of hot water.


We thank M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd for their fast response, expert advice and for one day installing the system and leaving the house clean and tidy.


Paddy McCabe

Silversbridge, Co Armagh

I requested Micheal Smith of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to give me some advice on my home heating system as it was not zoned and inefficient.


I also had a problem with my stove in the living room.  Micheal called out before Christmas and before he looked at the heating he had tool box out to fix my stove.  There was a problem with the back chimney outlet which he replaced and also tightened the door to solve the draw issue.  the stove in now as good as new.


For the central heating system Micheal fitted new thermostatically controlled valves on all rads and flushed out the system which now gives us more control on the heating and higher heat output.


I would have no hesitation in recommending M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd going forward.


Declan Connolly

Alice’s Loft & Cottages

In August 2016 we extended our mushroom farm size and all our tunnels which meant we had to extend our heating system also.  We go M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to revisit our site and they installed bigger boilers and a 30 Ton fuel store which meets all our heating requirements now.  Another project well done by M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd.


Cathal Reilly

Woodside Mushrooms, Stradone, Co Cavan

Having had M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd previously carry out work for me before, I had no hesitation in contacting Micheal when I wanted to install PV Panels and have a look at the lighting in my shops.  Micheal and his team installed 11kw of PV Panels and retrofitted the shop floor with new LED Lighting.  Ten months later I can safely say that the measures we took has now paid for itself on the savings we have made.

Sound advice, great job and I would highly recommend M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd.


Philip Kiernan

Kiernan Service Station, Cavan

I first met Micheal of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd some years ago when he installed a solar panel system at my place of work.  I was very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.  As a result, I asked him to design and install a complete heating system for our new build house.


Micheal designed a modern, efficient system including thermostatically controlled under-floor heating and radiators for space heating and solar panels for water heating at a very competitive price.


During the installation process, he communicated very effectively with the builder to ensure the system performed efficiently.  This included specifying the optimum floor screed for best performance on the under-floor system.  After the system was installed and operating, he regularly made follow up calls to ensure everything was in order.


They system has been operating now for over two years and we have had absolutely no trouble with any of the system elements.  We are extremely happy with the work that M&C Hybrid Energy carried out for us and have no hesitation in recommending them to others.


Dave Kent

This is a personal reference for Micheal Smith of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd.  Micheal got our new office heating system working within minutes even though it was not a system familiar to himself or many others.


I found him to be very courteous and he provided an excellent after sale service.  I have no hesitation in recommending M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to my friends, family and colleagues in the future.



Patricia McAlernon

I got M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to install 4.5kw of Solar PV Panels at my house.  I wanted to reduce my electricity bills.


My last two month bills which would normally be approximately 175.00 euro is now down to 80.00 euro and our excess power is diverted to our hot water cylinder.


Would highly recommend M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd for their sound advice and professionalism.


Eamon McDonald

Murmod, Virginia, Co Cavan

Micheal came to my house to advise on our legacy heating system.  we were aware that our boiler was nearing the end of its life.  He did an initial assessment, got to know our system which is zoned, made some immediate recommendations.  We asked Micheal to recommend what the best boiler was if we were to replace ours.  He suggested a condenser boiler; it’s smaller and more efficient.  He also suggested moving the boiler closer to the house so that we would use less oil heating the outside!  He then quoted us for it and we agreed an installation plan.


Micheal and his colleagues spent two days on installation – the first preparing and then the second connecting the system.  He has reduced the amount of heat travelling through piping from boiler to system from 70 feet to five so that all the heat generated by the new boiler ends up in the radiators rather than outside the house.  He has tweaked and fixed some radiators that weren’t working.  He supplied a new oil tank reader so that we know when the oil in the tank is low.  All in all, our house is warmer than it has ever been.


The follow-up service has been excellent, and I would absolutely recommend M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd.


Thank you Micheal


Maria Macklin

Image Consultant

I recently enlisted the services of Micheal Smith of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd for a small plumbing job in a room re-model for one of my clients.


Micheal met with my clients and carried out this work in a professional, accommodating and timely manner.  As an interior designer, it is important that any trade introductions I make can deliver their work to the hightest standard and Micheal met these expectations and more – in fact he exceeded them by identifying a problem with their solar panel hot water system and returned to do a thorough examination and carry out the necessary works to get it operating properly and producing the hot water that it should have been doing all along.  His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for all things energy related is very impressive and we are leaving these clients with a more efficient and effective heating system than when we arrived.


This has resulted in satisfied clients who will happily enlist the services of M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd going forward for all their plumbing and energy needs and I will be delighted to continue to refer work to Micheal as and when my projects require!


Malinda Lambe

Interior Design Specialist

In August 2017 we asked M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd to install a new condensing boiler on our pig farm.  We have heat we never had before and we can see the benefits already.  Looking forward to the next project.


Job well done.  Thank you M&C Hybrid Energy Ltd.


Kevin Kiernan

Aughafad Pig Farm, Co. Cavan