Sustainability is the reason M&C Hybrid Energy was created back in 2009. Upon moving home from American, managing director Micheal saw the impact renewable energy had in the states, and wanted to bring these benefits to Ireland. With extensive research and training, coupled with Micheals plumbing background, M&C Hybrid Energy began supplying Irish homes and businesses with energy efficient, renewable energy solutions. 


In 2008 we built our own A-Rated home in Cavan, with a multitude of renewable energy solutions including a proven Wind Turbine, Solar Thermal panels, Biomass Heating System, and Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation. We offer virtual tours of the house currently, but you can view our home in full detail in our case study. 


Protecting the environment and combating climate change has always been our main goal, as well as educating Irish consumers on their carbon footprint, and how they can help Ireland become more sustainable. 


Renewable Energy Solutions


Our product offerings have changed over the years with smarter technologies now available, and increased innovation and efficiencies from brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Vent Axia and Trina Solar. We supply and install a variety of renewable technologies including Trina Solar Solar PV systems, Mitsubishi Electric EcoDan Heat Pumps, Vent Axia Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation systems, Philips LED Lighting, and Extraflame Wood Pellet Stoves. Our products offer the consumer an alternative to fossil fuels, an opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gases, improve their building’s energy efficiency and lower their energy bills. Depending on budget, customer needs and project size, we have green products that have long term benefits for both the customer and the environment, as well as protection of our natural resources. 


Ireland’s Call


Ireland’s Climate Action Plan was released in June 2019, and aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,with targets set for 2030 including 70% of all electricity generated to be from renewable sources, 500,000 existing homes to be upgraded to B2 Building Energy rating (BER), 600,000 heat pumps installed (400,000 in existing buildings), CO2 emissions from the public sector to be reduced by 30% and more.




We have worked with Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for a number of years now, and they offer a number of retrofit grants for domestic, commercial and community buildings. These grants enable homeowners, businesses and communities the opportunity to create a sustainable future for all, as well as transforming their building’s energy efficiency now. Budget 2021 solidified our government’s commitment to Climate Change with the largest ever budget for sustainable energy programmes, including €221 million for retrofit projects. 


Ireland’s current building stock accounts for almost 15% of C02 emissions, dramatically higher than the EU average, however with the increasing number of grants available, government investment and focus, as well as mass awareness amongst customers, we do believe we can meet targets in 2030 and create a sustainable future for the next generation. 


If you wish to increase your home, community or businesses sustainability we can offer you a free consultation, and go through each technology with you.

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